Kaizo 2 - Level 1

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The map


Jump Cues

Skip Pswitch at the end

If you are very fast at the end of the level you can skip the last pswitch. To do this, you must hit the last pswitch with full speed to ensure you can make it to the final pipe. When at the final pipe, you have 5 frames to jump in. If you do not hit the pswitch fast enough it is possible that jump into the pipe will be less than 5 frames or even impossible!

Final jump.gif
Five frames to jump into the pipe

IL Strategy

The P-switch strategy here is difficult. Its very tough to make the chuck keep throwing baseballs to the left. For the bounce off of the chuck at 0:18, you want to wait until the chuck is just about off the ledge, then run towards him and immediately after hitting his head, hold jump.